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What is Himalayan Salt?
Himalayan Salt is one of Nature Great blessing to mankind. Unlikely Sea Salt this Salt is fit for human consumption along with many minerals. Located in foothills of Himalayan Salt range in Pakistan. This Himalayan Salt contains 84 different naturally occurring minerals and elements essential to our health and provides amazing healing properties for both the human body and the environment that we inhabit.

Why choose Himalayan Salt over Sea Salt?

The fact Himalayan Salt has traceable Nutrients and high minerals which our body needs and as Compare to Sea Salt we do not find any minerals values beneficial for our Bodies.

Other Applications Himalayan Salt Have?

Himalayan Salt has a number of applications for health and wellness. In addition to the edible Himalayan Salt We also Products Salt lamps Such as Natural Salt Lamps, Crafted Salt Lamps, Salt Candle Holders, Edible Grade Rock Salt.

What exactly is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Salt Lamps are a fantastic addition to our homes, offices, or place of businesses. They Emit negative and positive ions which purify air In order to maintain a healthy living atmosphere, these negative and positive ions must remain in balance.

As explained Earlier Himalayan Salt, besides being incredibly mineral-rich, is also an air purifier and natural ionizer. With a Salt Lamp, you can help counter the undesirable health effects of the electronic devices in our Daily uses.

What are Negative Ions?

Colorless and tasteless negative ions are usually emitted from mountains and Waterfalls which makes our body tone and mood calm.
It is recommended that you should leave your Salt Lamps light as much as possible to achieve optimal ionization and the absolute best air purifying results. Additionally, the heat provided by the lit bulb inside your Salt Lamp will drastically reduce the amount of moisture build-up around the lamp.

Where do I put my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt lamps can be placed in Offices tables, or Side corner tables or even beside entrances.

What is included in my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

All of our Himalayan Salt Lamps Comes with Wooden bases and stainless steel screw. Packed in Individual 5 ply carton and then master 7 ply carton. KHALID MAQBOOL ROCK SALT LAMPS, KHALID MAQBOOL & SONS SALT LAMPS, KHALID MAQBOOL SONS, NATURAL KHALID SALT SONS MAQBOOL, KHALID MAQBOOL & SONS ,

How do I clean my Himalayan Salt Lamp?
Turn the Salt Lamp off and allow it time to cool. Locate a slightly damp cloth (not soaking wet!), sponge, or towel, and wipe the surface clean of any moisture or dust particles that may have accumulated. Then turn your Himalayan Salt Lamp back on and enjoy the beautiful glow and air ionizing benefits!


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