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Himalayan Bath Salt


Himalayan salts are found deep within the rivers and valleys of the Himalayan Mountains. They were formed 250 million years ago from ancient unpolluted seas and are considered to be some of the most pure salts in the world. Himalayan salts could replenish the minerals which are critical to maintaining a healthy body, especially the skin and muscles.Many people believe that the detoxifying effect of the salt bath is equivalent to that of a 3-day fast. When you sit in a salt bath, the Himalayan salt detoxes your body and energy field, releasing toxins and negative energy into the bath water. At the same time, the beneficial minerals of the salt are absorbed through the skin. The salt contains over 84 minerals and elements to help reduce acidity and inflammation in your body. Using these Himalayan salt rocks helps to balance the pH level of your skin, increases blood circulation and improves the look and feel of your skin—your skin will be glowing after your bath! You would think that after bathing in salt, your skin would feel very dry, but it is actually quite the opposite. The salt promotes cell regeneration and moisture retention, helping to repair dry and irritated skin.

How to take Himalayan Salt Bath ?

A Sole bath is a medicinal or healing bath which adheres to certain guidelines on type of salt (Himalayan Pink salt); temperature (body temperature 98.6F); strength of solution (1kg to a bath); length of bathing (30 mins); rinsing (none), and frequency (max twice per week: use no soap).
Add one cup – one lb of Himalayan Bath Salt when you start filling the bathtub. Most of the Salt Crystal will dissolve by the time the tub is full. Soak yourself for 20 minutes. Do not rinse off – wrap yourself to keep warm and rest for 15- 20 minutes.
In contrast to a normal bath in which moisture is extracted from the skin, the sole bathing or bathing in salt bath crystals allows salt to be stored in the upper callused layer of the skin and binds water. This maintains the natural, protective film of the skin and the skin does not dry out. This is the reason why salt baths are good for dry skin as well.

Himalayan Bath Salt Benefits

Salt bathing is a gentle, age old method of relaxing and refreshing the body through immersion in warm, salted water. Taken regularly, salt bathing is a simple and effective way to absorb natural minerals and feel their re-energising effect which often follows as a result of the body, at last functioning at its optimum level.

Another benefit of bathing in Whole Pink Himalayan Salt is that it aids in the body ‘detoxing’. This process can help to rid joints of acidic deposits, and thus relieve pain after excessive physical exertion or sport. Joint pain from arthritis is also well known to be soothed by bathing in warm salted water.

Himalayan Salt bathing can also help with skin ailments, such as eczema and psoriasis because the salt has a soothing and healing effect: salted water has long been acknowledged for its anti-septic properties – many people still wash wounds in salt – so by soaking the affected skin regularly, one can help to avoid infections, which many people suffer who have these skin problems. The salted water also helps the skin to heal; this was seen in World War 2 when it was noticed that pilots with burns who were shot down into the sea healed faster and better than those similarly afflicted who came down on land.

Would it be nice if when taking a bath, it will not only clean the outside of your body but also inside? Well, that would be a perfect bath. Most of us are conscious of our physical appearance especially with our skin. And unlike the ordinary bath that we take everyday which can actually remove moisture from our skin, a Himalayan Salt Bath moisturises our skin by allowing water to be absorbed at the upper layer of our skin. So to help you in having a beautiful skin and healthier body, you can try the Himalayan Salt Bath.

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What is Natural Salt Lamps

Have you ever noticed how meNatural Salt Lampsntally and physically refreshed you feel after sitting by a gashing waterfall? Or how you experience a boost in energy after spending some time at an untamed seafront? What makes you feel so good in spots of this kind is the abundance of negative ions, which get produced in some natural places.

Now, there is a way to mimic these perfect circumstances in your own home and indoor places where you spend a lot of time. Himalayan natural salt lamps have the ability to chemically and physically transform a room, and have unique healing effects.


What is a Natural Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp is an all natural product that comes directly from the earth. The salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains formed over 200 million years ago. It is so pure that it requires little or no refining.

Our Natural Salt Lamps are natural ionizers, generating healthy negative ions that purify the air, increasing your overall air quality and well-being.

These salt lamps are cut from natural salt from northern Pakistan.


How do Natural Salt Lamps work?

A natural salt lamp works by drawing water molecules from the air to the surface of the salt lamp, (known as hygroscopy) and as the lamp is warmed by the globe, a gentle chemical reaction takes place. Healthy negative ions are then released into the air, counteracting the positive ions from electrical equipment around the home and office. The air is purified which means airborne bacteria, mould, viruses and allergens as well as respiratory irritants and asthma triggers cannot survive in the negatively charged environment.

Himalayan Natural Salt lamps have a similar effect to an ionizer. However, natural salt  lamps have many advantages in many aspects, including improving the general atmosphere of a room. The environment we live in today has far more sources of positive ions than in the past, creating an electrical imbalance in the air.

Various human activities and electrical appliances produce positive ions which are the reason for the deterioration of our physical and emotional well being;

eg discharge of voltage in high-voltage networks, heating and cooling systems, TVs, radios, transmitters, radar systems, computers, exhausts and cigarette fumes.

Scientific tests have revealed that the ratio of negative to positive ions should be between 1.02 to 0.98 and the air’s composition of negative ions should range

between 1000-1500/cm3.

Measurements have shown that the number of negative ions decreases to 200/cm3 in a closed room containing several people Salt lamps are known for emitting negative ions that are essential for our health and well being.

The warmth of the salt draws in moisture from the air and converts any damaging positive ions to negative ions in the surrounding area.

Today’s technology including computers, TV’s, microwaves, cordless phones, mobile phones etc all emit large amounts of positive ions. The potential outcome is physical and mental fatigue.


Health Benefits Of Natural Salt Lamps

1. Cleanse and deodrize the air

2. Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

3. Eases coughing

4. Increase energy levels

5. Neutralize electromagnetic radiation

6. Better sleep

7. Improve mood and concentration

8. Treat seasonal effective disorder

9. Reduce static electricity in the air

10. Environmentally-friendly light source


Where to place Natural Salt Lamps?

Some great places you can use a Salt Lamp:

• Office/cubicle

• Allergy/sinus condition sufferers

• Children’s night lamp

• Convalescents

• Romance/mood lighting

• Hospital rooms

• Hotel rooms

• Environments with pets, high pollen counts, smoking, or other atmospheric inhibitors.

Place a natural salt lamp in your child’s room and watch him fall asleep with gentle ease or put it next to your computer and feel your stress dissipate as the negative ions counteract the electromagnetic fields bouncing off the computer. You can put it in your TV room, or your office.

It really doesn’t matter which room you choose, it is totally up to you where you want to place this unique gift of nature.



A new day has dawned for those who want a complimentary therapy for their respiratory problems. The revolutionary Himalayan Salt Inhaler brings the benefits of salt mine therapy right into your home.In a recent study involving people with severe breathing difficulties – 73.9% of those patients indicated a positive pulmonary response from use of the Salt Air Inhaler or Salt Pipe Himalayan salt is thought by many to have antibacterial, anti fungal, and antimicrobial qualities and is used to improve respiratory ailments worldwide. As you inhale the micron-sized salt particles, they penetrate the respiratory system for beneficial results.
The Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler is a convenient, drug-free and non-invasive device designed to let you inhale the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt vapours that deliver amazing, natural respiratory relief.
The ceramic salt inhaler contains hand-mined, dry, pure salt from the Himalayan Mountains. This incredible salt contains 84 ional minerals and trace elements needed for optimum health. The bottom of the inhaler contains the salt, which is placed between two porcelain filters.
The inhaler is made from very sturdy ceramic and cannot leak or spill. The base is wide enough to sit without tipping and the ceramic surface is easy to clean and hold.A surprisingly simple solution for complicated times. Modern lungs are under stress from air pollution and a wide range of toxins. Dr. Oz recently named Himalayan Salt Pipes, as one of the two alternative health products he is planning on using this year that he previously had not used. He mentioned that Himalayan table salt differs from table salt in that it is pure. He states that it has, “…no contaminants, no anti-caking agent, it’s all natural, and has no pollutants.” Because of this, Dr. Oz further states, Himalayan salt pipes “are helpful for asthma, allergies, sinus conditions,… and because it has potassium which decreases blood pressure, it may be helpful for that, too.”

How do you use a Salt Inhaler?

A salt inhaler is very simple to use. It comes with plenty of Himalayan crystal salt, and you fill it from the bottom by removing the silicone plug. Make sure to wash the salt inhaler thoroughly when you first get it to make sure all the dust and debris is out. The salt inhaler must be completely dry before filling and using it.
1. Just pour about 2.5 ounces of the salt into the bottom fill hole. You should use up about 1/3 of the bag that is supplied.
2. Now replace the plug and your salt inhaler is ready for use!
3. Place the salt inhaler to your lips and breathe. For best results breathe in through the mouth, and exhale through the nose. Try not to exhale back through the salt inhaler because this will stop the fresh air from coming in.
4. Repeat this process for about 15- 25 minutes, and repeat daily.
I recommend doing this year round, and try to continue to do it every day. I take a day off every here and there, and when I pick it back up the next day, it feels amazing.

Daily Use For Several Minutes Can
  • Ease Breathing
  • Support Rehabilitation & Medical Therapies of the Respiratory System
  • Clean the Respiratory System

Salt-Air Can be very helpful for Respiratory Problems Caused by

  • Pollen & Other Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Influenza & Other Infections
  • Dehydrating, Recycled Air Aboard Airlines
  • Smoking

How to refill your Himalayan Salt Inhaler:
If you need to refill (or exchange) the salt in the inhaler, simply open the round plastic stopper and empty out the used salt and refill with the fresh coarse Himalayan crystal salt. Plug the stopper back in.

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HImalayan Salt T-lights

Our Popular Himalayan salt tea lights will bring an attractive texture to any space. They also act as natural air cleansers when warmed by your tea light. Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Tea Lights are not only beautiful and hand crafted pieces that have an elegant shape and are health beneficial which are from the Himalayas. The warmth and natural beauty of the glow provided by these tea lights makes them a wonderful accent for any room, as well as an outstanding and much appreciated gift for friends and loved ones. They provide a natural ambiance that enhances home and office. They emit negative ions, which help improve natural sense of good feelings and enhance energy.

Today’s high-tech lifestyle has resulted in a growing electromagnetic field in indoor air, which has been shown to cause mental, emotional and physical health risks. This Himalayan salt crystal tea light is designed to hold a small tea candle. As the tea candle warms the salt candle holder, the Himalayan salt draws moisture from the air and then emits ions that bind with harmful particles of the electric indoor smog to neutralize the air.
The process also cleans the air of unseen toxins and other impurities. As it neutralizes and purifies the air, your family’s respiratory health and well-being is restored, moodiness evaporates, and feelings of anxiety and despair are greatly reduced. Indoor air is refreshed, like the air just after a spring thunder shower.
This Natural Shaped Himalayan Salt  tea lights is 3-4 inches tall by 3-4 inches wide. Crafted to hold tea lights, try our clean burning natural soy tea lights. Weight approx 800gr please note as a natural product, the colour, veins and shape may vary,

These decorative tea-lights can be used in living and working spaces to improve room air quality, which is decisive for your well-being. The tea-lights DE-ionize and neutralize positively charged ions in the air thereby creating a comfortable atmosphere in the room. They also generate a very pleasant, soothing light. Ideal for the living room, office, studio, therapy room and everywhere!
rock salt candle holder 2

Ionic Air Purifier

Research proves that heated salt crystal tea lights are natural ion generators. They bind the negative ions with excess positive ions ( that are produced by electrical appliances and computers). When the tea light become warm, they absorb moisture and the surface crystals become damp. This builds up the ion field.
What is the effect of this reaction? The ambient air surrounding the salt tea light is cleaned by the transformation cycle of hydrogen and oxygen, as well as sodium and chloride ions. The resulting purified air is helpful in the
relief of asthma symptoms and upper respiratory problems.

There’s something so primitive yet so elegant about putting a tea light in a hunk of salt.  We love the way they glow and the way they make us feel just being around them.  These fair trade tea light holders are all hand made and each one is unique. 



Himalayan Salt Lumps

Most plants do not supply enough sodium for livestock and horses so supplementation is vital. Lack of salt causes poor appetite and low performance, muscle cramps and general unthriftiness. Animals deficient in salt and other essential minerals can sometimes show symptoms such as licking wood and stones or eating soil and bark.

Hard Himalayan salt lumps. Easy to metabolise. May shine animal coats all year round. No anti-coagulants, free flow agents or sweeteners like molasses or urea. Depending on pastures available, a 33 kg bag of lumps could last up to 1 month for 50 steers under 300 kg.

Offer your livestock premium grade Himalayan rock salt lump; the pink color comes from the minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium which are present along with the sodium chloride. These hard salt lumps are more weather resistant than softer blocks and this also means stock cannot bite chunks off.
Himalayan salt mines yield different colors salt lumps and boulders. These raw salt lumps and boulders are excavated manually from salt mines in different weights. Normally lumps excavated from salt mines weigh from 1 kg to 2 tons and some time more than this. The main hurdle to excavate bigger weight lump is to pull them out from 1800 meters underneath the ground as all the excavation transportation of the lumps and boulders is done manually using the improvised method prevalent from centuries. There is no modern machinery available to make use of that.
There are different natural colors of these Himalayan salt lumps which includes: Orange , pink, light pink, red, snow white , gray and multi colors. extracts the premium quality Himalayan Rock salt lumps from the Foothills of Himalaya and crushes and filters the best Rock Salt from the nature’s gift in Himalaya’s Salt Mines. It is 100% natural. Himalayan Rock Salts Lumps are readily available for your use. You can use it the way you want.
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Himalayan Salt Licks

Himalayan salt lick
If there is one thing horses love—and absolutely need—it is a salt lick or simply a salt block. However, many salt licks that horse lovers find on the market are incredibly expensive, heavy, have been baked to lose all minerals and nutrients, or simply can be too easily bitten. Himalayan lick salt is the purest form of salt you can give your horse. Natural and as pure as the day it was mined high up in the Himalayan mountains. Horses and ponies require supplementary salt on a daily basis. Research shows that salt is the one nutrient that horses will self-supplement to balance their diet. Himalayan Salt Licks hung in the stable and field allow access to the purest form of salt, without unnatural flavors that can encourage greediness!
These Himalayan salt lick is mined from the vast and ancient Himalayan mountains, these licks are a 550 million year old source of minerals and trace elements for your horse or pony. The distinctive rose pink color comes from the salt’s high mineral content, including iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are all vital for maintaining health. Mass-produced salt licks are produced using salt with minerals added in during the manufacturing process, but that’s not the case with Himalayan salt, where the minerals are naturally found within the salt. Himalayan rock salt licks are literally “rock hard,” meaning that horses and ponies are unable to bite chunks off the block, a problem than can occur with softer “pressed” salt licks. These licks are also more weather resistant, which means they can be safely left outside in the field for horses to “self-dose.” We’ve found that horses like them more than other salt licks! Available in mini (1.63 lbs), small (2.2 lbs), medium (6.6 lbs) or block (4.4 lbs, 2”x4”x8”). The small and medium licks include a rope and the mini lick is pre-drilled with a hole but does not come with a rope. The 4.4 lb block fits in most standard salt block holders and does not come with a rope. Himalayan Salt Licks for horses and ponies are obviously distinctive by their color, however it’s not just this that sets them apart from other licks. We like to describe them as salt licks with ‘nothing added and nothing taken out’ and we believe they are one of the purest forms of salt (sodium chloride) available. Himalayan Salt Licks have been analysed and have been shown to be predominantly sodium chloride, with other trace elements such as potassium, magnesium (vital for maintaining health) and iron which is responsible for the distinctive rose pink color.
Our experience has shown that farm animals and pets prefer these to other salt licks. Farmers have historically provided salt licks for their cattle, horses, and other herbivores to encourage healthy growth and development. A salt lick is a deposit of mineral salts used by animals to supplement their nutrition, ensuring that they get enough minerals in their diets. A wide assortment of animals, primarily herbivores, use salt lick to get essential nutrients lick calcium, magnesium, sodium and zinc.
The perfect gift for pets and animals! I feed this to my Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and they love it! This natural Himalayan Salt lick lasts 5 x longer than typical “pressed” salt licks you find at feed stores.
Perfectly safe for wildlife, pets and all land animals. There is no risk of animals consuming “too much” salt, as they will lick it to get only the amount they need, and then they will stop licking it until they need more minerals.
If your horse is active with showing, eventing or racing, the chances are he needs lots of extra energy requirements to stay healthy.Giving him free access to Himalayan Salt Licks along with his regular diet will help him to stay active and healthy. He can choose to “lick it as he needs it”, giving him the right intake of natural trace elements and minerals.
Without salt, animals could get sick. Every mammal requires salt. It is actually a necessary nutrient in our diets! Horses and other animals, like humans, lose minerals from their bodies as it is carried out in their sweat…one of the most abundant of these minerals is salt…Horses and other animals often lose lots of salt during very strenuous workouts. So, some owners try to help them replenish the lost salt by providing a salt lick. This helps your horse or animal to regain the lost salt quickly, however there are more reasons. Salt often makes you want to drink, right, so, it’s similar for horses. By having Himalayan Salt Licks, Biotin and Vitamin E enriched mineral blocks available to your animals, they are also encouraged to drink more water to keep them hydrated!
Himalayan Salt Lick is:

Bio-gro certified (no. 5223)
100% natural
Tested by Crop and Food
Rock hard, horses can’t bite it – they lick it
a source of 84 minerals
weather resistant
Rope hung Himalayan Salt Lick.
The high density of pure Himalayan salt licks resist breakage and biting in order to last longer.
When given a choice many horses actually prefer the Himalayan salt licks over the more traditional pressed salt lick.

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Salt Shot Glasses

You like your beer craft brewed, your wine perfectly aerated, why shouldn’t your tequila get a bump up from the salt shaker and lime wedge standard?
Made from Himalayan salt, these festive glasses are highlighted by the thinly veiled, translucent appearance of rose quartz. Perfect for tequila or even mescal, these innovative vessels offer a salty twinge to your taste buds, but with a more nuanced flavor than ordinary table salt. Himalayan Salt is naturally antibacterial so you don’t have to worry about cleaning mid-fiesta, and the strong salt minerals keep the shot glasses strong through many festive toasts.

“I prefer my tequila chased with salt and lime, and these shot glasses—carved from high-quality Himalayan salt—are perfect, no extra salt necessary.”—

Our Himalayan salt shot glasses have amazing thermal properties that let them stay hot or cold far longer than glass. Freezing, refrigerating, or heating them before serving opens new doors for drink design.

Popping them in the freezer overnight gives you one incredibly frosty-salty cup for that mint julep you’ve been looking forward to since Monday. The trick to using Himalayan salt goblets well is to mix drinks designed for quick quaffing. Liquid dissolves salt quickly. If you let your shot sit for long, it will soon become unpalatable. But done right, the salt transforms drinks that benefit from a little salt.

Impress your guests with these cool salt shot glasses. Carved from the finest quality, food grade Himalayan pink salt, our Himalayan salt shot glasses are perfect for your Cinco de Mayo party or any gathering where tequila may be served. Simply pour tequila into the shot glasses and serve with lime wedges. The pink salt naturally flavors the tequila, so the longer the tequila sits, the saltier it will be! Each salt shot glass holds 1.2 ounces and measures 3” high and 2” diameter. Himalayan salt shot glasses come in a set of four.

Put Tequila in Your Salt

You’ll be amazed how the rich taste of Himalayan crystal salt enhances the flavor of your favorite tequila like table salt never did!
These beautiful and functional sets will be the perfect conversation starter for your party or decorative accent for your home.

The best way to use it

Tequila and salt usually mean shooters.

Drink it at once for the best taste.

Suck on the lemon or lime wedge.

Repeat it as many times as you wish.

Just quickly rinse it with water and dry with paper towel before putting it away.

These reasons alone certainly justify the purchase of a set of two or four or twenty four Himalayan pink salt shot glasses for your merry making. But try them with sweeter drinks, or with a bit of sweetener on the rim of the cup, and you will really see some flavors fly. Mint Juleps, margarita shots, Spanish coffee… to name a few
You can expect to enjoy many uses with your Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. However, little by little the salt glass will dissolve over time changing it size, shape and its surface. Once product becomes too small for use as a shot glass, there are still ways to get further use out of the salt. You can grate the salt over entrees to add amazing flavor or add it to your bath to re-mineralize your body, soothe muscle aches and pains and soften your skin.

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Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps are created out of natural Himalayan Crystal Salt mined from deep below the surface of the earth, often at depths of a mile or more underground. The 84 minerals and trace elements present in Himalayan Crystal Salt gives it a unique and vibrant pink color, which is why it is sometimes referred to simply as “pink salt.”

A Salt Lamp is a chunk of Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt that has been attached to a sturdy base made of Rosewood, and drilled out to provide a space for a light source to be introduced. Adding a light bulb inside a Himalayan Salt Lamp warms the salt from within and facilitates the release of negative ions from the Himalayan Salt into the atmosphere.

The negative ions then bond with the positive ions (pollutants) in the air and help to neutralize them. Many of the conveniences of modern life, such as our electronic devices and heating and cooling systems, produce an abundance of positive ions which throw the air we breath completely out of balance. That, in turn, can contribute to the development of allergies, asthma, stress, insomnia and other sleep disorders, sinus and migraine headaches, and a host of other health problems for many individuals. By utilizing negative ion-generating Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home, office, or anywhere else you spend time in your daily life, you can often help alleviate these symptoms!

How do Salt Crystal Lamps Work?

The bulb inside of the salt lamp heats the crystal and supports the ionizing effect. Salt itself is hygroscopic and attracts the water from the surroundings. You can often see that the salt lamp is damp or even wet, especially in more humid environments. Due to the gentle heat of the salt lamp, the water quickly evaporates and during the evaporation process the beneficial negative ions get created. They go on to bind with excessive positive ions (bacteria, molds and allergens all carry a positive charge) and neutralize the electronic smog in your home.

What we use…

It is possible to buy machines that create negative ions, but I’ve found that salt lamps are a less expensive and very effective alternative.

I use salt lamps often in our home, and especially in winter months when it isn’t possible to have the windows open or to spend as much time outside. We now have a solid salt lamp or a basket lamp in each room of our home and I love them for their ambient glow and their negative ions.

Choosing & Placing Your Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

When it comes to buying Himalayan pink salt lamps, coverage is determined by the size of the crystal. Smaller lamps (like this 5.4 lb) are good for the average bedroom, while larger lamps (like this 12 lb) are better for spaces like the living room or den. On average, calculate that 1 lb of HPS crystal will cleanse the air in approximately a 4′ x 4′ area.

If you can’t find a large enough lamp for any given room, remember that you can use multiple lamps spread out around the space for the same effect.

Remember, Himalayan pink salt crystals will begin to melt with prolonged exposure to high humidity. For this reason, use caution and keep a close watch on any HPS lamps positioned near sources of steam such as dishwashers, laundry machines, or showers.

Our hand carved Salt Lamps come in several popular shapes that will transform any space and enhance your visual experience. Visit our websites to view our current range of salt lamps, tea lights and other accessories

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Himalayan Salts

Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest salts available on earth. Mined from deep in the Himalayan Mountains, this salt crystallized more than 200 million years ago and remains protected from modern-day pollution and impurities. It contains more than 84 trace minerals and none of the additives or aluminum compounds found in refined table salt. All of our Himalayan salt products are “Gourmet Food Grade” and the very highest quality Himalayan salt available.

Fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt presents many exciting culinary uses. Add it to your translucent salt shaker where dinner guests and family will appreciate its lovely pink hue. Dip the rim of your drink glass in fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt to enhance the flavor of your favorite cocktails. Rub into meats, or sprinkle over vegetables before roasting or grilling. There are so many ways this pristine, all-natural Himalayan salt will add depth and dimension to your meals while offering many benefits to the body.

The health benefits of using natural Himalayan Crystal Salt may include:

Controlling the water levels within the body, regulating them for proper functioning
Promoting stable pH balance in the cells, including the brain.
Encouraging excellent blood sugar health
Aiding in reducing the common signs of aging
Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation.
Aiding vascular health
Supporting healthy respiratory function
Lowering incidence of sinus problems, and promoting over-all sinus health
Reducing cramps
Increasing bone strength
Naturally promoting healthy sleep patterns are manufacturers and worldwide exporters of Pink Himalayas Crystal Salt. Pink Himalayan Salt is mined from ancient sea beds deep inside the Himalaya mountains in Pakistan. It is completely unrefined, natural, 100% pure, and environmentally safe with no Artificial Additives, Preservatives, Flavorings and Colors. It comes to you in its raw, natural form. This salt was formed over 250 million years ago in primeval sea where the first signs of life formed in the mineral rich water. are offering best factory/export prices. Our unbeatable quality organic mineral bath salts are worldwide famous, well approved and well demanded. Please e-mail or call us for wholesale or any bulk or minimum quantity orders.
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Salt Plates & Blocks

Pakistani Pink Himalayan salt blocks, plates, platters, and bricks can be used for sauteing, grilling, chilling, curing, baking, salting, plating, bathing, and contemplating.

Indeed, there are as many uses for a heavy block of Himalayan salt as there are foods, cooking styles, whims, acts of folly, and shows of bravado. The salt’s crystal lattice has a fairly high specific energy so it will tend to hold any temperature you bring it to for a good while. Also, due to its lack of porosity or moisture (.026%), the salt plates can be safely heated or chilled to virtually any extreme. We have tested them from 0°F up to 900°F.

Two other considerations come into play when working with our Himalayan salt block. Their lack of porosity means that the surface area touches your food is minimal. Compared to, say, ground up salt or naturally evaporated salt crystals, these large blocks of salt will impart only a very moderate saltiness. Second, the high quantity of trace minerals (1.2% sulfur, .4% calcium, .35% potassium, .16% magnesium, and 80 other trace minerals) impart a more mild and full taste to the salt, providing another level of flavor complexity to your food. are pioneers of Himalayan salt block and our Salt blocks are the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. Several mines produce Himalayan salt block, each with subtly different characteristics and qualities. We have worked tirelessly to find the best source of salt, and evaluated dozens of local artisans to find the ones who can produce the highest quality salt block.

Salt block is sourced from natural salt deposits found in the Himalayas. The dense crystalline composition adds complex flavor to all types of foods. Heat on the grill to sear seafood and meat, or chill for serving a selection of fruits, vegetables and cheeses with a hint of salt.

Salt blocks must be preheated before you can cook on them. The most common method of pre-heating is to put the salt block on the stove top (not in the oven) and heat it slowly. recommends starting on a low heat and gradually turning the heat up about every 15 minutes until the block of salt reaches the desired temperature for cooking. The salt blocks can be used to cook meats, fish, eggs, breads, pizzas and much more.

Please note: The salt blocks are a natural product and do vary slightly in color. Because salt blocks are made of salt and not stone, and need to be heated and cooled extremely carefully, we can’t guarantee against cracking during heating.

The main thing is to buy a salt block that’s appropriate for the intended use. If you’re going to be using it for serving, curing or for chilling, you can buy a grade of salt block that has more irregularities and fractures with crystalline imperfection. It’ll be very, very beautiful, but not as structurally rigid as a salt block that you might need for cooking.

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